It’s A ‘One Nation Underwood’ In House Of Cards Season Five Trailer

Please be standing for the President Of The United States Of America….Frank Underwood!It’s a new month and it’s time for another season of House Of Cards and we have Season 5 ready to launch, Netflix has unveiled a brand new trailer

Just over 4 weeks time the ‘snap general election here in the UK will take place, but over in Television land Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) is fighting for his political existence. Will Joel Kinnaman‘s Will Conway be stepping into the Oval Office or Underwood once again? It looks like Frank or President Frank Underwood knows what they want “The American people don’t know what’s best for them,” he told First Lady Claire Underwood (Robin Wright). ”I do. I know exactly what they need.“ and under his ‘dodgy’ Pledge of Allegiance, ‘One Nation Underwood’!

Politically nowadays it feels dark and hard times are ahead of us. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist or even have to be a mastermind of American politics to know it’s scary times Stateside.It’s tricky to know what President Trump is going to do, with everyone been attacked at every level and when you throw in North Korea you don’t have to be American to be a concern. We’re not defending Democrats who equally as bad, but we all know politics has always been a dirty game, plenty of me myself and I.

New showrunners are in places for Season 5 with Melissa James Gibson and Frank Pugliese, who are taking over for Beau Willimon. We can expect the usual side steppings, backstabbings, plus as the nation heads towards war Frank and Claire’s relationship starts to show cracks. There are even signs of Underwood’s popularity with the population might be dwindling when we see placards with ‘Never Underwood’ on them.A lot has changed since season one on the geopolitical map and it looks like House Of Cards will use the current American landscape as a source. Frank Underwood is slowly becoming an Authoritarian type leader but how narcissistic will he get?

House Of Cards Season 5 is set for 30th May global release (including UK&Ireland) exclusively on Netflix. With Michael Kelly, ​Jayne Atkinson, ​Neve Campbell, ​Derek Cecil, Paul Sparks making up the rest of the cast.

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