Himouto! Umaru-chan [rating=3]

Umaru Doma is what many would consider to be the “perfect” high school student. She’s popular, beautiful, gets the best grades in class and is generally a friend to all – until she gets home that is. The minute Umaru gets home after school and through the door frame she reverts to her “true” self, which happens to be a chibi-like girl with the mentality of a two year old, who likes nothing more than pigging out on junk food (especial cola!), playing video games and watching anime. Basically she’s a self-certified closet Otaku. Her older brother however, Taihei, is Umaru’s polar opposite. He’s a hardworking, neat and tidy workaholic who is incredibly patient – even when his little sister is behaving like a bratty toddler and demanding he tend to her every need.

Himouto! Umaru-chan is a rather simplistic slice of life anime with not a whole lot going on in terms of story and a real shortage of interesting characters, but each episode is an easy watch and kept me entertained throughout the season. As the show has no real plot elements to stick by and develop on, the show relied on the relationship between the brother and sister duo of Umaru and Taihei throughout. This was generally really well timed and executed – even getting me to feel completely frustrated on Taihei’s behalf for having to put up with his hyperactive little sister’s shenanigans.

The show is really well animated and one that even the casual anime viewer will find enjoyment in. Although it does suffer somewhat from a lack of storyline depth, for me the relationship between Umaru and her brother definitely made it an enjoyable experience nonetheless.

Himouto! Umaru-chan will be available on Blu-Ray & DVD from July 10th 2017.

Anime, Slice-of-Life, Comedy | Japan, 2017 | U | 10th July 2017 (UK) | Manga UK | Dir.Masahiko Ohta