Watch The Gorgeous New UK The Red Turtle Trailer

When Studio Ghibli went into hiatus a couple of years ago it’s left a dark void in many Anime fans hearts. Things changed in 2016 when the studio announced they will be back, but not in the way we think with The Red Turtle. So what’s changed? The movie marks the legendary animation studio’s comeback in their first co-production with acclaimed Dutch animator Michael Dudok de Wit directing. The movie has wooed audiences around the world, even gaining itself an Oscar nomination and next month the movie will finally arrive on UK shores and Studiocanal has sent us the movies new UK Trailer

Sometimes you here cinephiles say “all style no substance”, The Red Turtle has lots of style, plenty of substance. It’s also a perfect example that needs no dialogue (or even character names) to deliver an enchanting tale that kids and adults can easily understand, most of all enjoy.

The Red Turtle is a magical castaway story that combines beauty, nature, and mystery. Nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated feature, The Red Turtle is a stunning and touching animation about the transience of life.

Some may call this trailer a spoiler, though this is not one of those movies nothing is really spoiled as what’s on the screen in front of you will be truly mesmerising. The animation has all the hallmarks of what people perceive as ‘classic Ghibli’ which brings the ‘circle of life’ into perspective. There might be a few scary moments but as we grow we also learn that all things die in the end, it’s life. For grown ups, you could also say if Castaway was an animation it could easily be this wonderful little gorgeous movie.

The Red Turtle is set for an UK & Irish Cinema from 26th May.

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