Survive The Night Watch Kathryn Bigelow’s Detroit Trailer

It’s been quite a few years since Kathryn Bigelow was behind a camera with Zero Dark Thirty. This summer she will return with Detroit, movie based on the darkest summer of that rocked the city, 5 days of hell. Entertainment One has sent us the movies first UK trailer can you survive the night?

After a five year stint away from the camera, the Oscar winning director returns with another hard hitting movie based on a true story. Following 2 War dramas with a movie with tragic circumstances, 43 deaths thanks to police brutality. One of the worst revolts in recent American history.

We go back to the Summer 1967 and the city of Detroit Michigan. What was meant to be a straightforward police raid on what was an unlicensed bar unravelled into 5 nights of violence? 3 teenagers escaped finding refuge in The nearby seedy Algeria Hotel where a gun was fired. Resulting in snipers, attracting the police resulting in 5 days of worst recorded violence that left 43 dead, over 7000 people arrested and 2000 buildings destroyed. Most of all the incident highlighted the discrimination and racism that was rife with the city’s Police force.

When Zero Dark Thirty has released five years ago, it was a movie that angered the then Obama administration, which saw the director been accused of been a ‘traitor’. With this movie, it will be curious to see how the movie will fare in Detroit especially with the city’ police department. Bigelow’s trademark guerilla style is on show with a vignette type movie that seems to take several perspectives on the event.John Boyega plays one of the very few Black Police Officers, so be interesting to see what pressures his character will be under. So are we looking at a potential early Oscar contender? Possibly and if it premiere’s at Cannes it may just be a favourite to win!

Detroit is set to be released in UK, Ireland sometime this Summer with the movie been slated in the USA 4th August, expect a similar release date or slightly later. The movie stars Will Poulter, Anthony Mackie and Jack Reynor.