The Hoff Stars In The Ai Scripted ‘It’s No Game’ Short Movie

Since the birth of the robot, we’ve had prophetic warnings that one day robots and all forms of artificial life will take over. Last year Benjamin an AI programmed to write screenplays (programmed by Ross Goodwin), wrote the uniquely strange sci-fi short Sunspring. Now Benjamin is back with It’s No Game a new short starring The Hoff aka
David Hasselhoff, as the Hoffbot! The short also stars The Walking Dead’s Tom Payne (Jesus), check out the short now …

David Hasselhoff’s larger than life character will be appearing as The Hoffbot, in BAFTA-winning director Oscar Sharp’s latest short film, It’s No Game. The film sees the former Baywatch and Knight Rider star being controlled by an A.I, named Benjamin, an algorithm specifically designed to write movies.

Eerily verging on the surreal truth, the critically acclaimed director used the afore-mentioned creative algorithm, Benjamin, to write the film. Benjamin was also pivotal in the creation of Sharp’s previous critically acclaimed short film, Sunspring, alongside AI Researcher, Ross Goodwin.

The lines of reality and fiction become blurred in It’s No Game, as the notion of an algorithm writing films quickly hits home, considering the film was in fact, written by an algorithm. With creative thinking supposedly being one of the defining traits of humanity, how soon before these definitions are broken down and we are no longer able to tell the difference between AI and human thinking an Ai.

It’s No Game is part of the Sci-fi London Film Festival’s 48 Hour Challenge. The festival kicks off tomorrow 27th April and runs until 6th May. More details on the lineup head over to the festival’s site

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