Film Review – Going In Style (2017)

Mobility scooters at the ready, grumpy old men in the slow lane for a trio of adorable senior citizens who desperate to pay bills to join forces to bring down the bank they believe ripped them off after assets are frozen and pensions held back.

The charming grand larceny is done with a firm funny outlook concerning retirement shenanigans turning into a male golden-girls social commentary on growing old.

This legendary lead trio alone is reason enough to see the film, all possibly going through the motions but amusing none-the-less, Willie (Morgan Freeman) Albert (Alan Arkin) and Joe (Michael Caine -one of my all time favourite actors) potter around like any world weary geezers would.

Set in their ways it is amusing to watch as they touch upon their robbery skills from questionable connections that ultimately see them plummet into impossible situations and it certainly doesn’t help when to prepare for the big heist they sit down to watch classic ‘failed robbery’ movie Dog Day Afternoon (1975) for tips.

The fairly standard blueprint still provides hilarious moments, mostly cleverly written jokes always performed with certain delivery pizazz.

Rare young cast member Joey King has impressed me no end growing up on screen since I first spotted her obvious talent in television series Fargo, she seriously holds her own among the veterans.

As an intrepid FBI agent, Matt Dillon (The Outsiders) is part of a grand side cast of equally oddball characters which also includes the lovely Ann Margaret (Viva Las Vegas) and old Doc Brown himself, Christopher Lloyd playing flaky friend Milton to perfection.

Actually based on a darker 1979 George Burns movie starring original that wasn’t afraid to address more serious topics of ageing, this version goes as far as reducing seniors to eating dog food that is about as deep as it goes.

No classic, but walking out with a smile on your face is what it’s all about when watching a feel good comedy, Going in Style provides quick-fire enjoyment and Sir Michael Caine at his sardonic best.

Shane A.Bassett | Movie Analyst

Comedy, Crime | USA, 2017 | 12A | 7th April 2017 (UK) | Warner Bros | Dir.Zach Braff | Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Alan Arkin, Ann Margaret, Matt Dillon, Christopher Lloyd