Arnold Schwarzenegger ‘Closing In’ On New Aftermath Clips

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He always said ‘i’ll be back’ and true to his word Arnold Schwarzenegger always does come back, maybe not always to best results. Some may say his days taking out Predators or chasing Sarah Connor are gone, but the last few years he’s delivered some of his best dramatic with Maggie showing off his true vulnerable side. This Friday he stars in Aftermath a man seeking vengeance on the person responsible for an air crash that killed his family.

Ahead of this Friday’s cinematic release, we have 2 new clips, First up is ‘Look At it‘ Roman shows the board of the airline a picture of his family demanding an apology. In Clip 2 ‘Closing In‘ Tessa (Hannah Ware) gets some info on someone which will take Roman one step closer to fulfilling his vengeance…

The remarkable true story of the events that unfolded when a Russian passenger plane collided with a cargo plane over Germany in 2002. 71 people die.

Roman Melnyk(Schwarzenegger), whose wife and two children were killed in the accident, struggles to cope with the tragedy and desperately searches for answers, and cannot rest until he finds the person responsible for his loss.

Jake, the air traffic controller(Scoot McNairy) on that fateful day, also finds his life in pieces. Forced to take on a new identity, his marriage crumbles, he loses his job, and he becomes a ghost of his former self.

The story builds to its tragic conclusion 478 days later when the two strangers finally meet.

No point trying to decipher what to expect from Arnie, he’s older and emotions rather than muscle now guide him, that doesn’t mean to say he won’t dip his toe in action movies again. He recently said he was interested in more Terminator movies, even said Conan The Barbarian too. He maybe a ‘pensioner’ nowadays but his mind is still like that young man who made his name in the 1980s and 1990’s.

You can re-watch Aftermath UK trailer via this link.

Aftermath is set for a UK&Irish cinema release on Friday 7th April, co-starring Maggie Grace, Kevin Zegers, Elliott Lester, Javier Gullion.