Has Adam McKay Found His ‘Dick’ ?

Has Adam McKay Found His ‘Dick’ ?

Adam McKay is no stranger when it comes to socially relevant movies with his last The Oscar-winning The Big Short. Whilst that movie may have been fictional satire based on true events his next movie will be based on a very controversial figure, Dick Cheney. It does seem McKay has found his ‘Dick’ and that will be Christain Bale.

We’re no experts of the American political system, but we know West Winger Dick Cheney was one of the big players, loathed and feared by the Liberals. Some called him a ‘puppetmaster’ especially during his reign during the George W Bush era. With turmoil and chaos currently unravelling stateside what better time to create the movie?!

The report states Bale is in the running to play the lead role and if he accepts he will be joined by Steve Carrell who is set to play former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. Amy Adams is set to play Cheney’s long suffering wife Lynne.

It will be an interesting movie (still untitled movie) if Paramount Pictures give it the green light. You could say he gave birth to the title of Mr Controversial. It seems the story (which Mckay will script himself) will hark back to his early days of an executive of Haliburton to becoming the Vice Presidency. He was an advocate of the Iraq war and anti-terrorist actions, getting extra powers for the U.S government, even CIA scandals too. Some even say he was the true leader of the Free world under Bush administration.

The choice of Bale might be an odd choice for the lead role, not just in age but physical appearance. Could someone like Tracy Letts be a better choice? No one will argue and say Bale’s persona to be the one time most powerful men in history. He’s been ‘Dicky’ before in American Hustle and I’m sure he’ll deliver again. Adam McKay if he gets the go ahead to start filming this September with the movie coming out in 2018.
[source: Deadline]

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