Wrestlemania 33 Match Preview: The Undertaker VS Roman Reigns

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This Sunday at Wrestlemania 33, The Undertaker returns to his yard. The Deadman shall face Roman Reigns, in what could be the biggest match of his career. Here is match preview for their bout this Sunday.

The Feud

Following a shock elimination from the Royal Rumble Match by Roman Reigns, seeds for this feud were planted. However once Reigns’ business with Braun Strowman was done he decided to interrupt The Undertaker. Reigns claimed that this was his “Yard” but ‘Taker refused such a notion, chokeslamming Reigns.

A week later Reigns would respond with a spear to The Deadman, sparking a far more personal and heated feud. Then this past Monday on Raw, ‘Taker vowed to claim yet another soul in Roman Reigns to add to his Wrestlemania collection.

All has led to this point; The Undertaker VS Roman Reigns this Sunday in Orlando, Florida at Wrestlemania 33.

The Undertaker

It has been no secret that WWE officials are concerned over the well being of The Undertaker. Therefore with this in mind fans have speculated that this maybe his final Wrestlemania. However at this point I would not suggest that, simply because this would not be a fitting send-off for ‘Taker.

While it was heavily suggested that Undertaker would finally face John Cena at Wrestlemania 33, we now find those plans to be nothing more than archived. In addition to this the entire feud with Reigns has been far too short, thus one can only hope this is not The Deadman’s last ride.

Now with the streak dead their remains to be little incentive for Roman Reigns to fetch apart from the legacy of The Undertaker, something he shall not let go of easily.

Roman Reigns

In recent weeks we have seen a far more arrogant Roman Reigns. Which would heavily suggest that a potential heel turn beckons, however wishful thinking is its own entity. None the less it has been intriguing to see Reigns in such a different light, as his character has not exactly been the most charismatic in recent years.

Furthermore it would appear as if Reigns is more or less the heel within this feud. Why? As Reigns arrogantly claimed that the WWE ring was his “Yard”, that more than suggests he has grown an arrogance. Also he is vying to be the top-dog by defeating the essence and conscious of the WWE in The Undertaker.

A win for Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania would be monumental, as it would seemingly begin to establish him as the next top guy in the company. This is also something that WWE have planned to establish by Wrestlemania 34, next year.


Despite the feud being far too short and very underwhelming, the match itself is very hard to call. While on one hand you have The Undertaker; the true essence of Wrestlemania. While the streak is dead and buried, there is a still a legacy to be carried forward for The Deadman. On the other hand we have Roman Reigns; WWE’s next top superstar, set to replace John Cena. A win over The Undertaker would be massive for Reigns and it is not something we can rule out at this point.

As for my prediction, I’m going with The Undertaker. While the company shall continue to push Reigns to the top, I just cannot foresee ‘Taker losing out to Reigns this Sunday.

Prediction: The Undertaker to Defeat Roman Reigns