Wrestlemania 33 Match Preview: AJ Styles VS Shane McMahon

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This Sunday at Wrestlemania 33, AJ Styles takes on Shane McMahon. To look ahead this interesting bout, here is a preview for their match at Wrestlemania.

The Feud

After feeling aggrieved at losing the WWE Championship, AJ Styles demanded his Wrestlemania moment. Therefore in the process Styles would confront Smackdown Live! commissioner Shane McMahon. However McMahon got more than he bargained for, when Styles attacked him a few weeks ago on Smackdown. Then McMahon announced he would face Styles at Wrestlemania 33.

This past week on Tuesday on Smackdown Live! AJ Styles and Shane McMahon made their bout official with a contract signing. All has led to this point now; AJ Styles VS Shane McMahon at Wrestlemania 33.

AJ Styles

Former WWE Champion, AJ Styles has had a memorable year in WWE. Upon the WWE Brand Extension Styles was drafted to Smackdown Live!, where he would win his first WWE Championship. However Styles lost the title at Royal Rumble. Then he was put through a serious of matches, which would not pay dividends, as he lost out to Randy Orton. Therefore Styles was deprived of a Wrestlemania main-event match. Now, after weeks of feuding with Shane McMahon; resulting in car windows and tables being broke, AJ Styles has his Wrestlemania match, with one Shane McMahon.

Shane McMahon

Last year Shane McMahon returned to the WWE. After seven years away, McMahon faced The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 32. Now, one year later McMahon headlines another Wrestlemania, this time against AJ Styles. Reports have leaked the Wrestlemania 33 set, which has led to fans asking; Where will Shane jump off from the stage? No, seriously we are waiting for him to do something crazy. At this point it would cliche for us to expect yet another crazy spot from the boy wonder.


In my opinion this has potential to be best match of the night. We shall expect to see at least one crazy spot from Shane and just an overall unorthodox, but yet solid contest. However I do not believe that Shane McMahon will win, it just would not make sense. In addition to this I believe AJ Styles is due his Wrestlemania moment, therefore I believe AJ Styles shall win this bout.

AJ Styles to Defeat Shane McMahon.