Walt Disney Movies Revisted – Cinderella (1950)

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Cinderella deemed as one of Disney’s greatest, although not a monster hit at the box office, the film did well enough to allow the studio to continue on making great, magical adventures.

The film is based on the Charles Perrault fairytale of the same name. Written in the 1600’s this from the same writer that penned the story of Sleeping Beauty (or at least the version Disney used in their 1950 film).

However, although Disney used this version to adapt their story there are folk tales dating back to the 6th century in China.

Cinderella is a beautiful and colourful story of a young girls kindness helping her through her time being used as a slave in her own home by her stepfamily. It is one of my favourite Disney films and I have grown to love the 2015 live action film as well. (which I shall also be reviewing soon).

I think this si one of Disney’s greatest works and still to this day is widely beloved although the themes within the film are somewhat outdated if you take it for what it is – a children’s story of love, finding happiness and inner strength then all of the things that we see as outdated now do not matter.

I think this is a film that will forever be loved and respected as it was in the early career of Disney and in many ways was one of the foundation films that would lead to some of the studio’s most beloved and award-winning works.

I really do not know what else to say about Cinderella. It is a tremendous film with so much magic and fairytales to it how can you not love it.

Ross Wilcock

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