Walt Disney Movies Revisited – The Beauty And The Beast (1991)

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Beauty and the Beast is one of Disney’s most beloved films. And was the first animated film in history to be nominated for the best picture category at the Oscars that year(1991).

Now with the live action adaptation (also from Disney) fast approaching I thought it was only right to share my thoughts on the treasured original.

I grew up watching this film, as I can imagine most people my age did. It is the tale as old as time. Stunning in every way. A true masterpiece of animated cinema, and cinema in general.

So far the advanced screening reviews of the live action version Starring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens – amongst others – Has had mainly very positive reviews. None of which have said the film is bad.

This gives me a lot of hope the film will be good when I se eit opening night on March 17th. Thie film, as far as we know is pretty much the sma eas its original, with a few new tricks and treats added in.

With Disney even announcing their first openly Gay character, this film is set to make records.

I just hope that it can gain the success of the animated classic. Maybe even score that best picture win!

The animated classic was a stunning and visual piece of cinema magic. Even for someone with a visual impairment, I can see how colourful and captivating the film is. The stunning songs and great, fun and sometimes wacky character sis what makes the original so outstandingly epic.

I think if you are planning on seeing the New Beauty And The Beast film from Disney I think to go back and watch the original It is a film that like it suggests is a tale as old as time.

Ross Wilcock

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