Undertakers VS Roman Reigns: Wrestlemania Plans

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Wrestlemania 33 is fast approaching. However there is one final pit-stop; WWE Fastlane. This Sunday Roman Reigns takes on the ever dominant Braun Strowman. In recent weeks Reigns has been rumored to be The Undertakers opponent at Wrestlemania 33, on April 2nd. Therefore rumors of Taker appearing Fastlane have been rife.

Will Roman Finally Turn Heel?

John Cena has not and will not, however Roman Reigns can and must. While in recent months Reigns has been improving in the ring, it is about time his character received a change. At this point it is evident face Reigns will not get entirely over, thus the time for a heel-turn is now. Why? because the rumored feud with The Undertaker is perfect! Lets face it; the days of cheering faces and booing heels are gone, as both sides of the persona spectrum in wrestling are cheered by fans. If WWE finally pull off a Reigns heel-turn then fans shall see leeway to become invested in Reigns. Especially if it is a turn against ‘Taker, one of the most respected wrestlers of all time. The rub of Mark Callaway in this feud can serve Reigns wonders all over.

Undertaker Interference at WWE Fastlane?

As Roman Reigns is set to face Braun Strowman this Sunday at WWE Fastlane, reports of a surprise appearance from The Undertaker have been noted. It has been reported that ‘Taker shall interfere in Reigns’ bout and ultimately cost him the match. This booking decision would be most logical because WWE Want to ensure Strowman does not look weak. Cast your mind back to Royal Rumble where Reigns eliminated ‘Taker during the Royal Rumble match, could the deadman be set out for revenge on Reigns for humiliating him in his own yard?

One Last Ride From The Deadman?

Yes yes, every year we believe it is Undertaker’s final match with WWE. However in recent weeks reports suggest this maybe in-fact true. WWE officials have noted that the state of Mark Callway’s health is not getting better, as he appeared to be in some discomfort during the Royal Rumble match. But despite these reports, one has to believe the company would want to see off such a legacy in a grander manner, with all due respect to Reigns. For now fans should keep an open mind and watch for ‘Mania seasons finale.

Do you think Undertaker should lose to Roman Reigns? And should ‘Taker aim for one more Wrestlemania? Let us know in the comments!