Re-Animator Getting It’s Own Trading Card Set

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When you think about trading cards, you automatically think Sports, comic books, anime, big franchise TV Shows or movies but a cult 1980’s horror? Think again! As Fright Rags are bringing Re-Animator is re-animating the longstanding tradition of movie trading cards with their new series of HOUSE OF FRIGHT Wax Packs! Stuart Gordon’s Re-Animator is the first film to get the wax pack treatment and are available now.

Each pack includes six collectable trading cards and one sticker. Cards hand-sketched by a curated selection of artists and cards autographed by actress Barbara Crampton (who plays Megan in the film) are randomly inserted.

Re-Animator trading cards are available as individual packs, factory boxes (60 base card set, 2 chase cards, 2 stickers, and 1 sketch or signature card), and sealed boxes (2 full base sets, 2 full sticker sets, 22 chase cards, 1 sketch card, and 1 signature card).

Fright Rags have other classic/cult horrors with trade cards (Aliens, Evil Dead, Halloween) but promise Re-Animator set will be the first of many new sets. The wax pack series capture the fun, nostalgia, even the details from the screengrabs to the fun trivia on the back of each card.

Each series comes in individual packs, sealed boxes and factory boxes and are now available from Fright Rags website. The prices are in U.S Dollars, however they do international orders.