Joss Whedon To Direct Batgirl First Movie?


He helped launch Marvel’s Supergroup of Superheroes  Avengers into the cinematic stratosphere, now is Joss Whedon ready to launch Batgirl movie for D.C?

Variety is reporting Whedon is ready to jump ship and direct the popular character’s first solo movie, part of D.C Extended Universe. Whedon would be a perfect choice for this movie as he knows what is needed to propel DCEU and catch up there Comic rivals cinematic universe.Like Dwayne Johnson with his ‘franchise viagra’, Whedon would be the comic book equivalent and Warner Bros know this.

The Batman franchise is one of the comic books most popular franchises, one of the longest and is probably D.C’s most successful in cinematic history with Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy. Batgirl herself has been around since her creation in 1967 first by Barbara Gordon, the daughter of Commissioner James Gordon. Her history in the comic book universe hasn’t been the best when she was paralysed in The Killing Joke Graphic Novel from 1988 by the Joker. 23 years later she was able to walk again when her storyline was rebooted. Batgirl’s only big screen appearance was in Batman &Robin in 1997 when she was played by a young Alicia Silverstone.

If Joss Whedon does take the job, it’s expected he’ll produce possibly script the movie too. We don’t know at this time what direction the Batgirl movie will take. The report does suggest Other characters from Gotham world will appear in the movie. There’s no word Batman himself will appear or the movie may tie in with other Gotham City-based upcoming movies like Suicide Squad sequel and Gotham City Sirens the all female movie. EW are reporting D.C recent run ‘The New 52’ which revamped some classic characters (including Batgirl) as a source for this new movie.In the comic Gail Simone was Batgirl becoming a modern woman dealing with the trauma and struggles a woman faces in today’s society. If Batgirl is to become the next female character to get a solo movie (next to Wonder Woman) she will be in safe hands. Joss Whedon is probably one of movieland’s biggest comic book geeks, he knows his way around and might just deliver the push DCEU has been crying out for.