Isabelle Huppert (Elle Feature)

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Gracing a global audience with her presence, Huppert has been gaining rave reviews on her most recent project, Elle.

Coined as the Meryl Streep of France, Isabelle Huppert has been featured in over 100 film and television productions throughout her 40 years of working in the industry. Huppert began her acting career at a very young age. She studied at Conservatoire d’Art Dramatique where she then went on to pursue an illustrious theatrical career. She launched her film career in 1971. Huppert has sustained a long career playing copious complex characters. Huppert’s big break was in 1977 starring in “The Lacemaker”, directed by Claude Goretta.

The Lacemaker

Huppert character in “The LaceMaker” is an introverted young woman who through unfortunate circumstances such as falling in love with the wrong guys, eventually finds solace in a mental institution. As she finds peace in her existence in anonymousness she is seen as an unknown girl in a painting, known as the Lacemaker.

Coup de torchon,

“Coup de torchon,” is a French film about a young couple that faces challenges of infidelity and town oppression. Huppert plays an irritable wife that is having a visible affair with Nono, who her husband is told Nono is her brother.

Heaven’s Gate

Taking place in 1870, Wyoming during the time of Johnson County War, ‘Heaven’s Gate’ follows the lives of two privileged Harvard educated men, Averill and Champion, and their abusive relationship with poor immigrants. Huppert plays Ella, who runs a brothel, and utilizes her prostitutes in exchange for stolen cattle. She is smitten by both Averill and Champion and they both fight for her affection throughout the film.

The Piano Teacher

‘The Piano Teacher’, follows a relationship of a young man pursuing his piano teacher.
Huppert continuously displays amazing performances that has solidifies her career as an actress. She has worked with renowned directors, such as Jean-Luc Godard, Claude Chabrol, and Michael Haneke in various instances.
She has continuously dominated the screens; she has been nominated 15 times for the César Award’s which is comparable to the United States Academy Awards.
Isabelle Huppert’s fame has taken a global shift credited to her most recent film, Elle, for which she has won several acting awards and an Oscar nomination. She does not allow the horrific experience in the film to delineate her as a business women, mother and sexual being.
“Acting is a way of living out one’s insanity.” Isabelle told the Times – see for yourself with Elle, in cinemas this Friday.