DVD Review – The Beaster Bunny (2017)

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The Beaster bunny is a new direct to DVD indie horror film, releasing from second sight in the U.K. The film follows a small town where a raging giant rabbit is terrorising the townfolk.

I was actually really looking forward to this film and was very excited based on the films plot and the look of the DVD cover it looked like it was going to be hopping mad!

Sadly this film was a bit of a letdown, and I am a fan, a massive fan of low budget indie (not very good) horror films but this took the cake for me. There were times I actually thought if this take was done more than once and that’s the best the actor gave them wow this film needs a lot of help.

Now I don’t want to bad mouth the film as I said it had a lot going for it and I really like what the film was trying to do. It had a very cool plot and some of the death scenes if not all of the death scenes were pretty awesome but those things weren’t enough to save this film.

I think acting standpoint this was was pretty awful and the actors have a lot to answer for. Even if the crew managed to get the main chapters played by half decent actors then maybe the film could have saved itself but this was just a horrendous film.

I think they were trying to be the next sharknado which is gathered a reputation of being awful, big the awfulness of sort of intentional. That’s a different type of terrible that’s terrible that you actually enjoy the films.

There was legit no point in this film there want a character that I wanted to survive. I just wanted the film over with.

In saying that like I said as much as the acting was awful and almost as though the actors couldn’t care less. The film overall was pretty entertaining of anything it’s one of those films that you can have on with mates and just laugh your ass of st how terrible the film is.

In the end The Beaster Bunny is a half-hearted attempt at a sci-fi horror monster movie.

★1/2| Ross Wilcock

Horror, Comedy | USA, 2014 | 15 | 3rd April 2017 (UK) | Second Sight Films | Dir.Snygg Brothers | Jon Arthur, Kristina Beaudouin, Valerie Bittner |Buy:The Beaster Bunny [DVD]