Has World War Z 2 And Friday The 13th Remake Been Axed?

In 6 days time Zombiephiles will be looking forward to the mid-season return of The Walking Dead Season 7, 2017 was also the year World War Z 2 was to arrive in cinemas. It now seems late last night Paramount have decided to pull the plug on the Brad Pitt  Zombie flick.
The Brad Pitt produced 2013 zombie was sort of a sleeper hit despite suffering many productions, artistic problems. The World War Z sequel was scheduled to arrive in cinemas on 9th June. However, to give the movie more time to develop the script the release date has been left opened which mean we may not see the sequel this year.
When you make £540 million worldwide you don’t just scrap a movie, as this is regarded as one of the most successful zombie movies ever. That type of return is a big positive sign for a sequel, which Brad Pitt has reported happy to return to. Despite the claims, that Pitt didn’t get on with first movie director Marc Forster resulting in the movie’s final part been subjected to costly re-shoots. Damon Lindelof and Drew Goddard were also brought in to rewrite the ending too.
The reviews were mixed (our review)  but with the healthy box, office return gave the green light to another movie. JA Bayona was one of the many directors who was lined up to direct, only to lose him to the Jurassic World sequel. Even David Fincher was linked at one time though this was more because of Pitt’s friendship with the director. No confirmed date yet but more likely to be 2018 or 2019 before the dead will rise at a cinema near you.
Meanwhile the long-running saga of Friday The 13th reboot/Sequel, it now seems Paramount have decided enough is enough. The movie that not even horror fans asked for which was been slated for an October release date will no longer happen…ever.
The last time the slasher classic was on our big screens was 2009 a reboot from Marcus Nispel which was critical and box office flop. The movie does have a small band of fans who enjoyed the new version but since then it feels like mission impossible to reboot again. With the original movie 40 years old it’s hard to believe the powers to be couldn’t come up with a new idea.
Breck Eisner was the last to be connected to the movie but his ‘Found Footage idea was quickly laid to rest and everyone moved on. His idea has to bring back Pamela Voorhees who did the killings in the original movie was interesting but not enough to resurrect the project. Darren Aronofsky‘s Mother starring Jennifer Lawrence will now take the October slot instead.