Why You Should Watch WCPW



Lets make no bones about it, Independent Wrestling is as hot as ever. While the mecca of Professional Wrestling in WWE still leads the way, the Indy scene is making a creating noise of their own. Among the promotions is WCPW: Whatculture Pro Wrestling. The English based Wrestling promotion truly marking their presence felt in less than a year. Here is Why You Should Watch WCPW.

WCPW Show Concept Works Perfectly

Starting off in a warehouse in Newcastle to headlining London, WCPW has come on leaps and bounds in no time. The concept of the show befits everything an Indy wrestling fan would desire. So of course the production shall not be of a million dollar standard, however one has to admire the concept and how it fits the show. Furthermore aside from the standard WCPW Loaded Episodes, their PPV concept steps up. Rather than hosting PPV’s from Newcastle they shall host their PPV shows from unique locations. Their next PPV you may wonder? WCPW Orlando. Yes, they are heading out to the United States, oh and it’s on Wrestlemania weekend……. just wanted to point that out.

Unique Active Roster

From Kurt Angle, Joe Hendry, Tyler Bate and Alberto El Pateron, WCPW does not lack firepower in terms of talent. Whether it’s home-grown talent or signed, there have been big names passing through the promotion since its inception. Namely first-ever and current WWE UK Champion Tyler Bate is one of many names to burst onto the British Wrestling. Ultimately his stardom has increased hugely, as he has since signed a WWE contract. Scottish superstar Joe Hendry has grown to be a very popular with the fans, as well as in the UK wrestling scene. Finally Kurt Angle worked a few shows for the promotion; matches against the likes of Cody Rhodes and Alberto El Pateron were a set of more excellent matches from the Olympic hero. Whatculture have truly been hitting the ball out of the park and catching it, as the talent on the active roster cannot be consider dull.

Bullet Club Are Heading To WCPW

Yes, Bullet Club are heading to WCPW. While Adam Cole (BAY BAY!) and the American Nightmare Cody Rhodes have worked with WCPW previously, they shall be joined by the Young Bucks; Matt & Nick Jackson. At this point many fans may believe BC are running out of steam and essentially ideas, however as they make their debut in WCPW, the potential for a revival is possible. Still one of the biggest stables in wrestling today, Bullet Club are likely to make a huge impact in WCPW. Maybe it could be just TOO SWEEET! Bullet Club arrive in WCPW next month.

While I could go on all day long, those were the best reasons you should watch WCPW… for now. The sky is the limit for WCPW as their success does not seem to falter, it seemingly only grows. While you may believe that I am being vague to say the least, try it out and see what you think. As Adam Pacitti often says “YOU LOVE IT”.