How To Upgrade Your Movie Viewer’s Level

How To Upgrade Your Movie Viewer’s Level

Movies are often treated as an entertainment only, though cinematography is an art or even a science. Any film is the result of hard work and efforts of a whole bunch of professional; and it really deserves intelligent approach and watching if it was meant to provide food for thought. Otherwise, watching movies will be like playing online casino Nederlandsegokken without wishing to win the first prize. In case you want to upgrade your viewer’s level and to enrich your inner world, read on the following recommendations.

1) The right choice of a film

The first step is the most responsible one because studying should start with the right film. If you like fluffy comedies, melodramas and blockbusters and always watch them, you may face difficulties in choosing the film that would enhance literacy of cinema by two reasons. The firs one is that you just do not know any names of such films, and the second reason is that the first time you’ll hardly appreciate and even understand it because your mind is not accustomed to such films.

2) Classics is our everything

That is the resolution of the first difficulty. Choose the classics. Good thing, you can choose any genre from classics. But do not concentrate on the only one. Another option is to follow the list of the movies significant directors like. For example, a list of 85 films by Martin Scorsese will help you in your independent cinema education and will get acquainted with the movies this genius filmmaker, director and producer loves and draws inspiration from.

3) Get cinema knowledge

The lack of basics knowledge may be the reason of the second difficulty that is not understanding classics. You’ll have to spend some time to know essentials and to become a student for some time. A film history, the main film theories, a process of filmmaking, movies crafts, a structure of cinema will be your disciplines. It is worth mentioning that all of them are quite interesting to know and will create a new horizon for you as an intelligent viewer.

4) Pay attention to the details

It is usually enough for a common viewer to see a trailer, read some reviews and ask for friends’ opinions to choose which film to watch. Now the approach will be different and more meticulous. A film’s rating, its genre, a year of production, awards, studio, running time are to be considered to learn the art of films viewing.

Of course, one viewing will be not enough to fully assess any piece of cinema art and will raise a lot of questions like why this title of a film was preferred, or what the first images of a film intended to say to a viewer. To get the answers to them you’ll definitely want to watch a film for the second time, and that will be the start of your cinema viewing evolution.

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