Unhinged Remake Promo

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The 1982 Splatter fest Unhinged gets a modern come back in the debut feature from director Dan Allen. Released from the amazing 88 Films and ITN Distribution is bringing the new modern retelling to DVD and VoD this September.

The remake is somewhat different from the original but follows the same general plot. The original slasher finds three friends stranded in the woods after their car crashed in a rainstorm. They are taken in by a strange family in a big mansion but little do they know, the horrors of that decision might take their lives.

The remake follows Melissa and her American Bridesmaids, who are travelling through the English back roads to her wedding, but a dark secret leads them stranded in the woods. Finding a house, they are taken in by Miss Perkins, who promises to look after them until they can get help. Little do they know the horror that awaits them, and only when they come face to face with it, they will learn what true evil lurks in the woods.

The film was shot around September last year (2016) and is currently in post-production with a potential September 2017 release on DVD.

I for one am so excited for this film. I need to re-watch the original to remember the scariness. For those who are unaware. Unhinged was part of the iconic Video Nasties era in the UK and so the film has a pretty legendary past. However, 88 films (who will be releasing the remake) have released the original on DVD in the UK.

I love that 88 films are taking this movie on, I am a massive fan of their releases and I can not say how awesome they are for releasing this film.

The remake stars Kate Greer, Lucy-Jane Quinlan, Becky Fletcher, Lorena Andrea, Michelle Archer, Louisa Warren, and Faye Goodwin. All of whom have appeared in other horror features. Lucy Jane Quinlan‘s film Cage is set for a UK VoD release in April.

I am so so excited for this film to get its release. I will be pre-ordering it as soon as I can, I encourage all of you fellow horror fans to do the same. If you have yet to please go and follow Unhinged and 88 Films on twitter.

Check out the trailer for Unhinged.

Ross Wilcock