Seth Rollins Knee Injury- Legitimate Or Work?

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Upon the closing segment of Monday Night RAW, WWE is reporting Seth Rollins to have picked up a knee injury. In the closing segment of RAW, a debuting Samoa Joe ambushed Rollins. This in-turn saw the debut of Samoa Joe on the Main Roster.

Latest News On Rollins’ Injury

It was confirmed by PWInsider that this is not a work. Seth Rollins’ injury appears to be legitimate, according the source. It was also reported that Rollins is currently in Birmingham, Alabama being assessed. At this point fans must keep an open mind. On one hand, Rollins may be hurt bad and could potentially miss Wrestlemania once again. However on the other hand, he could potentially make it back in time for ‘Mania.

Deja Vu for Rollins

If one casts their mind back to 2015, Seth Rollins injured his knee. The injury put Rollins out of action for six months, causing him to miss Wrestlemania. Therefore if the injury is as worse as many fear, the architect could miss another ‘Mania once again. While Rollins was set to face Triple H at Wrestlemania, perhaps this bout shall be put into question.

The Dreaded Tweet

Seth Rollins posted on his official Twitter account earlier today. The post appeared to be his knee wrapped up and with wires attached, indicating an assessment. He tweeted along with the picture: “Wish I could say it was just a bad dream.”

Legitimate Injury or Work?

At this moment in time it is unknown if Seth Rollins is injured or if this is a work. On one hand WWE like to work the fans up, as now would be a good time to do so. On the other hand, perhaps the worst feared shall come to fruition, another Rollins injury derails the company’s plans at a vital time. The WWE Universe shall hold its breath and wait.