What Makes A Great Feature Film

What Makes A Great Feature Film

Hey film lovers, I have question. What makes a good movie? Well, let’s go over what doesn’t, first. Horrible storytelling, a bad Director and film stars that look as though they’d rather be watching paint dry, instead of filming are all perfect examples of what can cause a terrible movie. Seems logical, right? Now that we got the easy part out of the way, let’s talk about what makes a great flick and the difference between hot trash and excellence.

If you aspire to work in the film industry or if you’re just a big movie fan, you may have, in the past asked yourself, why you liked one specific movie so much and what made you want to go back and look at it again and again. You’re reasons are more than likely the great chemistry between the Actors/Actresses or the great directing. Doesn’t matter if it was a low budget or “B” movieĀ  that you watched, you still enjoyed the film, unless the quality was so bad, that you couldn’t. There have been many movies with high priced, top notch budgets, that flop at the box office, because they were poorly made.

The heart of every movie has little to nothing to do with money, but instead with the actual performance. So I guess the answer to that question to what makes a good film would be… the Cinematographer and the Editor and pretty much everyone on set doing their part to make the movie a success. An Screenwriter ma be able to write a script that’s worth a billion bucks, but if the Director’s vision for that flick is lame, the film will more than likely fail. So don’t think that the guy holding the microphone on set isn’t important, because honestly he’s just as important as the Writer, Actor/Actress or anyone else on set.

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