Joe Carnahan Confirmed To Direct The Raid Remake With Frank Grillo

Joe Carnahan Confirmed To Direct The Raid Remake With Frank Grillo

Remakes come and go as quick as we go through a lottery scratchcard, many we’re happy they disappeared. Every so often a movie comes along like The Raid that will get a remake. Tonight we learn Gareth Evan‘s Indonesian ass-kicking fest will indeed be remade with Joe Carnahan to direct with Frank Grillo to lead the cast.

In 2011, a Welsh filmmaker living in Indonesia introduced his 2 hours of guilty pleasure to the world and back then Hollywood knew The Raid was a special movie. Just before The Raid 2 (aka The Raid: Berendal in USA) was released and the chat of a Tinsel town remake was on the cards with Patrick Hughes to direct. This was the year The Purge/Captain America star Frank Grillo signed on, with the following year Taylor Kitsch was attached only to pull out with Hughes. This left the remake future in tatters, until now.

Via Twitter XYZ Films tweeted a video confirming The A-Team/The Grey director and Grillo ARE working on The Raid remake.It was short but sweet video which saw Carnahan and Grillo watching and discussing the original movie. Later Carnahan confirmed everything via his own twitter account announcing he will produce and direct the remake!Not only stating this will be more a ‘reimagining’ than a remake with ‘a blessing’ from Gareth Evans himself, whose onboard as a producer.

Hardcore fans will be starting to get uneasy, however, Carnahan has tried to get ahead of the incoming negativity asking the fanboys and girls to take breathe, relax. By stating he’s not out to make a like for like remake with something special in mind to appease the fans. Like any much loved movie be it Hollywood classic or a world cinema gem there will always be the critics which will never please them. The action, the martial arts will be there and he said in one Tweet, the tone will be close to The Grey, even NARC which good for us!

After the news of Jack Nicholson, Kristen Wiig been set up for the American remake of Toni Erdmann which is a fantastic movie, left many wondering do we need to remake every movie? This maybe an Oscar nominated movie though it only has a small band of loyal fans, whilst The Raid fanbase is a lot big internationally.

There is no set date for The Raid, as Carnahan is currently busy making the long awaited 3rd movie from the Bad Boys franchise, Bad Boys For Life. It all depends how long the studio are willing to wait, or will he try fit this movie in before the end of the year. Whenever he’ll make it (2018 probably) what we’re hearing it’s in good hands.

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