Iko Iwais Obliterates Everyone In Headshot Trailer

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First glance of this bone-crunching trailer you would be mistaken to think this is The Raid, it’s not. It’s Headshot. Below is the movies U.S Trailer starring The Raid star man Iko Uwais and he does what he does so good, deliver an uncompromising beatdown in anyone who steps in his way.

We have no idea when The Raid 3 will be made but Timo Tjahjanto and Kimo Stamboel, aka The Mo Brothers, has crafted something that could fill that void.Unrelenting brutality, insanely entertaining in a Jason Bourne-esque amnesia suffering man trying to figure who he is.But he knows who the enemy is! Que the bullet ballet!!!

A man (Iko Uwais) is discovered left for dead with a gunshot wound to the head, and, after months in a coma, is nursed back to health by young student-doctor Ailin. Realising that the man is an amnesiac, Ailin renames him Ishmael. When Ailin is kidnapped by a gang of dangerous criminals led by enigmatic crime lord Lee, Ishmael suspects his true identity is closely tied to these people. Determined to save the woman who rescued him, Ishmael has no choice but to confront his past. But every violent confrontation that Ishmael encounters brings him closer to a dark realisation, as a lethal personality begins to awaken within him.

Headshot thankfully has a UK Distributor (Arrow Films) and we don’t have to wait long to see this. As it’s with us here in UK and Ireland 3rd March, on the same day as the USA. If you’re really eager to see this sooner, you can catch the movie at Glasgow Film Festival later this month. When it plays the fest on 18th and 20th February [ Book tickets here].

The movie also stars Suny Pang, Julie Estelle, Chelsea Islan and David Hendrawan.