DVD Review – Life On The Line (2015)

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Life on the line is the new action thriller  that tells the story of a crew of men who work “On the lines” and make sure that the electrical lines are working and will not indanger the population. However things take a deadly turn when a horrific storm comes and these men have to do everything they can to not let anything go wrong.

Although this is the main plot smmary, the film, at its heart, is also a story of family Following Beau (John Travolta) who is still getting over the death of his brother while looking after his beloved niece, whom he wants to see a better life for and is encourageing her to leave the small town and head to college.

I thought this was a great story to help the audience feel something fo the characters its very heart felt and emotional when the action picks up. I think this is because eof the story of the family and their struggles.

The film, I will admit was not something I would usually watch and wouldn’t seek out, however I actually did enjoy it a lot more than I thought I would.

I think going into it I knew nothing muc aout it really helped.

Although the film was good there was a lot of just meaningless scenes of people trying to create more drama when there was already drama happening. It got to a poit where there was to many over laping stories I wasn’t to sure what was actually goung on.

Thankfully though, things cleared up in the end and the film became pretty good in the end.

I would say this is one to check out on a rainy afternoon.

Overall Life On The Line  is great and one to watch for sure. I think the thing that saves this film is actually the ending and how emotionally invested you are in the characters and I felt the film rounded itself off really well.

[rating=3] | Ross Wilcock

Action, Drama | USA, 2015 | 15 | 27th February 2017 (UK) |Lionsgate Film | Dir.David Hackl | John Travolta, Kate Bosworth, Devon Sawa, Gil Bellows, Sharon Stone | Buy:Life On The Line [DVD]