DVD Review -Beyond The Gates (2017)

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In Beyond The Gates, two brothers, who have not seen each other in years come together in an effort to clear out there fathers old VHS rental store, they stumble across a stranger board game, which may hold the answer to where their father is, as he mysteriously vanished without a trace. As they begin to play, unknowingly unleashing unimaginable horror.

I am going to be beyond honest with you all – I loved this film! Like loved it! It has to be one of the best horrors I have seen in a while. It is sort of similar to Jumanji and another indie horror film Called Black Waters of Echos Pond (Starring Danielle harris). The film was just so awesome and fun.

It was very well put together an dthe cinematography was outstanding. For an indie film this oen was very high quality.

Something I will say was that giving the theme of the film and setting it round a VHS store, it had a vintage look and feel to it. The score espically was very retro 80’s.

I apreicate when a film put a lot of work into the look of the film. I would love to see a limit VHS release of this film in a sort of Beyond the Games box set, I think that would be so cool. I am gutted this hasn’t bene given a bigger release. I am so pleased its getting a UK home release, of course. I do think however it is good enough for cinema.

A highlight of this film for me was that it was fi;lmed like an old VHS released film which added to the creep factor.

I loved everything about this film and there were times that it was genuinely scary, which for a lot of direct to DVD films is not the case.

I honestly feel that this film went above and beyond to give us horror fans a taste of something unique and different and I am so pleased that the UK are starting to get more filsm like this. Here is hoping in time more films like this get bigger releases.

This is the perfect film to check out with friends or on your own in a dark room, Turn off your phones and watch the horror unfold. This is a great film and one I can not recommend enough!

Amazing, Scary, intense and unique.

[rating=5] | Ross Wilcock

Horror, Comedy | USA, 2016 | 18 | 20th February 2017 (UK) |Precious Pictures | Dir.Jackson Stewart | Barbara Crampton, Brea Grant, Ryan Kunert, Graham Skipper, Chase Williamson | Buy:Beyond The Gates [DVD]