DVD Review – Abandoned Dead (2017)

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Left Films return in 2017 with this chillingly haunting film, Abandoned Dead. Following a security guard having to spend memorial day weekend guading an old LA Medical Centre while staff are on holiday. Little does Sarah know, her regular security shift, might just be her last.

I always look forward to a Left Films release and this one is certainly up there for me as one of their finest.

Although not the greatest of their releases, Abandoned Dead is a chilling film and has great atmosphere throughout it. It is very indie which I loved and really got me into the film a boy more.

I am actually a massive fna of indie horror, well indie films in general. Which is a massive reason why I love Left Films so much because they respect the lower budget side of horror? This is the type of film I would like more studios backing.

I did, however, have a few minor nips wth this film. At first, the acting seemed almost laughable, which wasn’t great for the start of a film, but like most low budget horror films I got used to it. Once Sarah reached the medical centre, the acting seemed t become more average for the type of film that this was. Which was a relief? To be fair it was more the people on the phone that were the “bad Actors” I never like to call out anyone for being bad at something, as I know it is their job and I still have respect for them doing what they do but it did take away from the film a little.

However overall the Abandoned Dead was pretty fantastic and very stylistic in the way it was made. It used colour and transitions very effectively and I really liked what the director has done with the film. Also, although many films have twists similar to this one. I did actually enjoy seeing where the film went.

I look Forward to seeing what left release next!

[rating=4] | Ross Wilcock

Horror | USA, 2017 | 15 | 27th February 2017 (UK) | Left Films | Dir.Marc W.Curran | Ivan Adame, Hannah Johnson, Sarah Nicklin | Buy:Abandoned Dead [DVD]