Denis Villeneuve Confirmed To Dune

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It’s official Denis Villeneuve the director of Sicario, Prisoners, Arrival and director of Blade Runner 2049 is the new director of Dune remake.

Back in December, we told you the news the Canadian director was in early talks to direct a new version of Frank Herbert’s classic sci-fi novel. Earlier today Frank Herbert’s son Brian confirmed Villeneuve via social media will deliver a new vision of his father’s story.

He describes the news as “has signed the very talented Denis Villeneuve to direct the exciting new DUNE series film project”, does this mean we have a potential franchise on our hands? When you look at the source material of the book the world is bigger for more than one movie.

Nearly 33 years ago David Lynch directed the 1984 version, a movie that was critically panned with the director quickly disowning it too. cult director Alejandro Jodorowsky tried and failed to get anywhere close to filming and after watching the documentary based on his failed attempt it might have been an extraordinary experience.

Dune covers the themes politics, religion and nature. Following Paul Atreides whose family rules the Desert planet of Arrakis.The unique thing about this planet is that there the only producer of the rare valuable spice melange making them a prime target for invasion. When Paul’s family are betrayed, he leads a rebellion to regain control of their home planet.

Dennis Villeneuve seems to be the go-to guy when it comes to sci-fi movies especially cult sci-fi movies with Blade Runner 2049 his next movie. Technology has drastically improved in special fx in movie and we’ll expect something visually riveting. So what’s your thoughts on Dune?

No production or release date for Dune have been announced yet.
source:The Verge