Bad Milo! To The Cottage Horror Channel UK Announce March Premieres

March is the power of the nine as Horror Channel will present nine fear-filled premieres including the UK TV premiere of Bad Milo!, Jacob Vaughan’s laugh-out-loud comedy horror blending sharp social satire with copious amounts of slimy gore. A nice gory treat to end the the when its broadcasts on Friday 31 March at 11.20pm, BAD MILO! stars Ken Marino as normal nice guy Duncan, who discovers that a cute bloodthirsty creature is living in his lower intestines. Every time he gets stressed, it crawls out of his rectum to feed on the flesh of those riling him up. This was a huge hit at FrightFest in 2014.

Dark laughs will run amok on Friday 3 March at 10.55pm when the network premiere of Paul Andrew Williams’ blood-drenched hostage thriller The Cottage, starring Andy Serkis, Reece Shearsmith and Jennifer Ellison. Feuding brothers David (Andy Serkis) and Peter (Reece Shearsmith) abduct a young woman (Jennifer Ellison) and hole up in a remote rural cottage, But their hostage turns the tables and soon it’s all for one when they find that the deranged farmer next door is the real threat. Hellraiser’s Doug Bradley makes a cameo in this terror treat.

There are also network premiere for Irish hit SCHROOMS, a stylish psychedelic shocker, directed by Paddy Breathnach (Friday 10 March, 11pm), Adrift, Hans Horn’s emotionally wrenching sail into terror (Friday 24 March, 9pm), Steve Barker’s atmospheric Nazi zombie thriller, Outpost (Saturday 11 March, 10.50pm). Feeling Hungary? These boys are and you can feast on  Rob Schmidt’s cult cannibal chiller Wrong Turn (saturday 25 March, 11pm) and Hammer’s The Curse Of The Mummy’s Tomb  (Saturday 4 March, 10.45pm).

Plus there are channel firsts for Dave Payne’s tongue-in-cheek horror romp Reeker, starring Michael Ironside (Friday 17 March, 9pm) and Nicholas Mastandrea’s vicious canine nail-biter The Breed, produced by Wes Craven and starring Michelle Rodriguez (Saturday 18 March, 9pm).


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