Arnie Wants An Apology In The Aftermath First Trailer

Arnold Schwarzenegger filmography needs no explanation, it speaks for itself, explosive, loud and in your face. His last movie Maggie showcased the veteran Austrian actor to unleash emotion but would you ever think he would be in a movie produced by Darren Aronofsky? Step forward Aftermath as vengeance is a journey with no return, a movie of a grieving man who seeks vengeance for the death of his family. With a script from Javier Gullon (Denis Villeneuve‘s Enemy), Aronofsky producing this will be another movie Schwarzenegger will step out of his comfort zone.

Check out the movies first (U.S) Trailer

The remarkable true story of the events that unfolded when a Russian passenger plane collided with a cargo plane over Germany in 2002. 71 people die.

Roman Melnyk(Schwarzenegger), whose wife and two children were killed in the accident, struggles to cope with the tragedy and desperately searches for answers, and cannot rest until he finds the person responsible for his loss.

Jake(Scoot McNairy), the air traffic controller on that fateful day, also finds his life in pieces. Forced to take on a new identity, his marriage crumbles, he loses his job, and he becomes a ghost of his former self.

The story builds to its tragic conclusion 478 days later when the two strangers finally meet.


The premise looks like it’s set up nicely for Arnie to have some fun with an Ooze 9mm, though we won’t deny that the big may try and flex his muscles at the first opportunity. We mustn’t forget the days of the Running Man, kicking ass with a Predator or let rip in Comando are now gone. He’s old enough to have his free bus pass even if his mind is still youthful, so movie like Aftermath gives him another type of challenge which we know he can do easily.

Signature Entertainment will be taking care of the UK&Irish release and Aftermath will be released in cinemas from 7th April. The movie also stars Maggie Grace and Kevin Zegers.

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