AJ Styles VS Shinsuke Nakamura At Wrestlemania 33?

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Since losing the NXT Champion at NXT Takeover: San Antonio, the future of Shinsuke Nakamura has been questioned. While the King of Strong Style is seemingly no longer in the running for the NXT Champion, he has continued to work NXT live events. But what if I were to suggest Nakamura was to appear at Wrestlemania? Also, what if I suggested he had a match….. against AJ Styles?

Nakamura’s NXT Run All But Over

At this point it would appear that Shinsuke Nakamura’s NXT run is over. Now a two-time NXT Champion, there is nothing else for him to accomplish in WWE’s Developmental Brand. Therefore there would be no reason for Nakamura to remain at Full Sail for much longer. However as Nakamura has been working live events for NXT, so surely he shall be provided with a send-off from the brand, as it would be the least he deserved.

Wrestlemania Is Ideal For His Debut

Wrestlemania season is in full swing but…. it’s missing a lot of the essence. However if WWE really want fans to invest in the biggest show of the year, then it’s about time they pulled their finger out. Without doubt Wrestlemania is the biggest show of the year, therefore huge names are required for the attraction. Have WWE make the announcement but do not have him show-up till ‘Mania, because the hype would be unmatched! Just picture it! Nakamura’s theme, His entrance, The WWE Universe singing his theme and just his presence alone, my god it would create goosebumps! Not to mention it has the potential to one of WWE’s most memorable debuts in history.

AJ Styles VS Shinsuke Nakamura: MOTY Potential

AJ Styles is no stranger to the King of Strong Style. Both Styles and Nakamura crossed paths at WrestleKingdom 10, last year. In what was thrilling match, Styles departed Japan as Nakamura would follow a month later. Thus with this in mind there is a potential story to be told, however the story itself would be more elaborate and expressive during the match. Since arriving in WWE AJ Styles has thrown up some fantastic bouts, this would surely be no different. If WWE were looking to make a huge impression at Wrestlemania with a headline match; forget the rumored Goldberg VS Brock Lesnar…… AJ Styles VS Shinsuke Nakamura would steal the spotlight in Wrestling, let alone the show.