Our 2017 Oscar Predictions

Tonight’s the night when Damien Chazzelle’s La La Land will see if they will scoop a historical 14 nominations at 89th Academy Awards aka The Oscars. It’s the biggest event on the Hollywood calendar, and even those stars and celebs who aren’t up for anything want to be there or be involved.

It’s not just about the winning, the awards have become a platform for a political statement and we can easily say U.S President Donald Trump will be the butt of many jokes and political statements.

Since the announcement of the nominations, La La Land has been the firm favourite to pick up the main award. However, the closer we’ve gotten to the big night the support has slightly dwindled with the likes of Manchester By The Sea, Arrival, Fences picking up some last minute momentum.

Tonight won’t be short on controversy nor will we all agree, but that’s the fun of the awards as we love to debate until the next ceremony comes around.

Below is our Oscar predictions as well as the ones we would like to win in the main categories, tell us what you think…

Best Picture

Will Win – La La Land
Should win – Arrival
No matter how much we moan The academy seem to have a dislikening of genre movies such as Horror and sci-fi

Best Actor

Will Win – Casey Affleck (Manchester By The Sea)
Should Win -Casey Affleck
Could Win – Denzil Washington (Fences)

You could say Affleck and Washington are tied but Fences recently released has seen a surge for Washington but Affleck’s morose, brooding performance should win him the statue.

Best Actress

Will win – Emma Stone (La La Land)
Should Win – Natalie Portman (Jackie)
Could win – Isabelle Huppert (Elle)

She was the best thing about La La Land and I wasn’t the movies biggest fan, however Jackie is a highly underrated movie and Natalie Portman delivered the goods. Huppert maybe the veteran actress but she’s in a taut revenge movie that’s too graphic for the academy.

Best Supporting Actor

Will win – Mahershala Ali (Moonlight)
should win – Mahershala Ali (Moonlight)
Could win – Dev Patel (Lion), Jeff Bridges (Hell Or High Water)
I haven’t personally seen Moonlight yet, but from what Ive seen of the actor over the years he truly deserves the accolades. Dark horse could be Dev Patel for Lion, however, the young Indian boy whom Patel plays as an adult should have gotten a nomination.

Best Supporting Actress

Will win – Viola Davis (Fences)
Should Win – Octavia Spencer (Hidden Figures)
outside of La La Land it seems Viola Davis is a dead cert to win, especially as she’s played the role before on the stage version. Could her best friend Octavia Spencer steal the glory?

Best Director

Will win – Damien Chazelle (La La Land)
Should Win – Barry Jenkins (Moonlight), Denis Villeneuve (Arrival)
The Academy love the young uprising directors and Chazelle is one, but so is Jenkins and his story is even more fascinating, his movie is relating to many people in deep personal ways. I haven’t seen Moonlight and Arrival would be my personal choice as it’s a movie that delivered a fresh approach to Alien movies.