1st March: Logan is released and here is what fans should expect

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Marvel Comics fans are looking forward to the release of Logan, a superhero, action-based movie directed by none other than James Mangold to continue the previous Wolverine series. This could be the third and last installment of the franchise (according to expert movie reviewers).

Mangold directs this movie from a script written by David James and Michael Green. This script brings back actor of the X-men franchise, Patrick Stewart, and he is playing the role of an old Xavier. This telepathic superhero joins Logan is a world of adventure where mutants have ceased to exist and a young girl is badly in need of a hero.

Logan is set to hit the cinemas on 1st March – if everything goes according to plan. So here’s an overview of what you should expect on that date:

The character X-23: her presence has been confirmed

Early in the development phase of this movie, Dafne Keen was casted in the role of Laura Kinney. However, this has not resonated very well with fans since they recognize this character as the mutant clone that appeared in the Wolverine series which began way back in 2004. This character was code-named X-23.
Her presence in the movie was confirmed through various updates during the project’s development phase. Director Mangold himself has also released a brief video to confirm that things are in order as far as this character’s appearance in the movie is concerned.

This footage depicts this character being operated on with the aim of coating her fragile bones so that she can achieve the indestructible character of Wolverine. She is captured with her claws protruding out of her fist. In some instance, she is even seen cutting herself somewhere inside an isolated cell.

The trailer depicts that Wolverine will be present as well

Wolverine has confirmed that he will be present in a big way, thanks to an update being featured in the 2017 Super Bowl. The new trailer is titled, Logan.

However, the first official clip of the movie was released by 20th Century Fox a day after the Super Bowl update. This video clip featured Hugh Jackman coming to the rescue of a character played by Eriq La Salle.
This clip indicates that Wolverine has not lost his supernatural abilities, and this is good news for the die-hard fans of Wolverine. This could add a whole new dimension of this character’s elements in the film.

Brutal action

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