WWE Royal Rumble 2017 Preview

The road to Wrestlemania officially starts this Sunday. The 30th annual Royal Rumble PPV emulates live from the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas. At this point it is proving to be the most unpredictable Royal Rumble PPV in history. Here is a preview of the 2017 Royal Rumble PPV.

2017 Royal Rumble Match

The most unpredictable Royal Rumble Match in history. 30 men from RAW and Smackdown battle for the main-event spot at Wrestlemania 33. At this point there are a variety of superstars touted to win. From The Undertaker, Goldberg and even Finn Balor, no one call a sure winner. Also, lets not forget the ramifications this match shall have elsewhere. Because we cannot forget the potential return of Finn Balor, as it has not be ruled out. However who is to say a debuting star shall not win? Samoa Joe shall more than likely appear, but his odds are not exceedingly great. Despite the ever prospering victory of The Undertaker, I firmly believe Balor shall return. In addition to a return, I believe Balor will win his first Royal Rumble Match.

Prediction: Finn Balor To Win The 2017 Royal Rumble Match

AJ Styles VS John Cena: WWE World Championship

The face that runs the place VS The champ who runs the camp. Another chapter in the Styles VS Cena saga shall be foretold. The WWE Universe has to expect another great bout, both have already previously worked brilliantly together. Now at this point, this match has a variety of implications for both superstars. For AJ Styles, regardless of his outcome from this match, one has to assume he shall have a prosperous match lined up for ‘Mania. On the other hand, John Cena will break Ric Flair’s record, if he is victorious. So with this in mind there is a lot at stake for both. Furthermore while many assume Cena shall win, I believe that there is potentially more to Cena losing. WWE could potentially put Cena’s record-breaking moment on hold for now, perhaps wait until Wrestlemania. Overall I am being audacious in my prediction, as I believe Styles shall retain the WWE World Championship.

Prediction: AJ Styles To Retain The WWE World Championship

Kevin Owens VS Roman Reigns: No Disqualification Match For The WWE Universal Championship

Lets be honest, we don’t like the WWE Universal Championship, do we? However it is not Kevin Owens we dislike, it’s the way the title has been booked. Due to lackluster booking of the Universal Championship, it just does not feel important. KO is great, but his title reign has been much the opposite, not of his own fault. On the other hand Roman Reigns is still in a precarious position. Often caught between a rock and a hard place, Reigns is vying for a heel turn this year. Also, we cannot forget Chris Jericho will be above the ring in a shark-cage, yeah. For me KO shall retain the title.

Prediction: Kevin Owens To Retain WWE Universal Championship

Charlotte Flair VS Bayley: RAW Women’s Championship

While RAW’s Women’s division is somewhat lacking fire, they do have an insurance. That insurance comes in the form of Charlotte Flair. The current reigning Women’s Champion has been nothing short of wonderful these past 12 months. Essentially paving the way for the new generation of Women’s Wrestling, she is truly one of the best female wrestlers around. On the other hand Bayley is not a million miles off. Arriving to Monday Night RAW from NXT in the summer, she is sure to be the biggest face in the Women’s division. However despite any momentum Bayley appears to be riding, perhaps it is too soon for her. One should not assume this is there only bout, as there shall be a series of matches to come between the two. But Charlotte looks more than likely to retain at the Rumble.

Prediction: Charlotte Flair To Retain The RAW Women’s Championship

Rich Swann VS Neville: WWE Cruiserweight Championship

The King of the Cruiserweights shall be the savior of the division. Neville made his return at WWE Roadblock and turned heel, which was best for business. In recent weeks heel Neville has been brilliant to watch, he possess a ton of potential. Rich Swann has proven to be a solid in-ring worker, his mic-skills not so much. None the less it has been a while since the champion was a huge underdog, as Swann faces a stern challenge. Neville should win because it would serve the Cruiserweight division wonders in the long-term. I predict a Neville victory and the King shall commence his dominance in the Cruiserweight division.

Prediction: Neville To Win The WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Becky Lynch, Nikki Bella & Naomi VS Alexa Bliss, Mickie James & Natalya

Generally speaking there is not too much to elaborate on. Personally I believe this was a missed opportunity for Smackdown to book their Women’s division stronger. Specifically having Mickie James around can benefit the brand and the division. Also, I believe it is about time Naomi gets some time in the spotlight. Naomi should without doubt be Alexa Bliss’ next challenger and champion. The match itself appears to be no more than a filler, which is a shame. I am with Becky Lynch’s team to pick up the win.

Prediction: Becky Lynch, Nikki Bella & Naomi To Win

Pre-Show Matches

Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows VS Cesaro & Sheamus: RAW Tag Team Championships

Cesaro & Sheamus have been great. In the aftermath of New Day’s reign, this team has been a fantastic refresher. On the contrary, The Club shall hope to have a stronger 2017. Upon their arrival in WWE last year, Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows have perhaps not endured too great of a time. But despite a fairly poor 2016, The Club’s time is looming. Cesaro & Sheamus’ reign as tag champs shall not last forever. While it is unlikely they shall win the titles at the Rumble, due to the match being on the pre-show, Cesaro and Sheamus’ reign shall seemingly continue for now.

Prediction: Sheamus & Cesaro To Retain Raw Tag Team Championships

Nia Jax VS Sasha Banks

You could believe this is a David VS Goliath battle, or a just a lower-card feud. Broadly speaking there is not much in this bout that is appealing to the eye. Due to the bout being on the pre-show, it simply does not feel important whatsoever. In addition to this I cannot see Nia Jax losing clean, it would take something astronomical for Sasha Banks to pull that off. However I do see Banks winning, barring a fluke method of victory.

Prediction: Sasha Banks To Defeat Nia Jax