Watch UK Trailer For Trespass Against Us Starring Michael Fassbender

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They may be united by blood but in the gritty crime drama  Trespass Against Us one family is divided by fear. Lionsgate Films have sent us the UK trailer starring Michael Fassbender who is reunited with his onscreen Assassin’s Creed father Brendan Gleeson. Once again he plays his father as 3 generations as a son divided by fear of a better life and respect to his gangster crime lord father.

Check out the trailer….

Trespass Against Us is the movie feature debut for Adam Smith who has been making a name for himself directing in TV for the likes of Skins and Doctor Who.

The movie follows three generations of the notorious Cutler family live as outlaws in the Cotswolds, the heart of Britain’s richest countryside. The Cutlers live by their own rules, practising their own way of life—poaching, pilfering and provoking the police. Chad (Michael Fassbender) finds himself torn between respect for his archaic father, Colby (Brendan Gleeson), and a desire to forge a better life for his children. When Colby coerces him into a major robbery one night, Chad is faced with a choice that will change his life forever. Should he follow tradition and do his father’s bidding as his rightful son and heir, or should he break the chain and set out on a new path?


With the law cracking down on the clan, Colby tightening his grip on the family, and prejudices among the local populace becoming ever more hostile, Chad discovers that his destiny may no longer lie in his own hands…
The movie made it’s world premiere back in September at Toronto Film Festival to many positive reviews. It’s British to the core and the trailer doesn’t hold back on that either, but one thing we can be not bad at is crime/gangster flicks. The trailer sets up Chad’s struggles and the uphill battle he has on his hands.

Trespass Against Us will be released in UK& Ireland On 3rd March. Also starring Lyndsey Marshal, Tony Way, Kingsley Ben-Adir, Gerard Kearns, Killian Scott, Rory Kinnear and Sean Harris.