The Undertaker Confirms Place In The Royal Rumble Match

Last Night on Monday Night RAW, The Undertaker returned. Making his first appearance on the flagship show in over a year, The Deadman made a huge announcement. Revealing he would be entering the Royal Rumble match at the Royal Rumble Pay Per View. In addition to this The Phenom claimed he has dug “29 holes for 29 souls” as he looks to win a second Rumble match.

Will The Undertaker Win The Royal Rumble?

At this point it is be a debated question. As many are speculating that ‘Taker is still set to face John Cena at Wrestlemania 33. Thus with the potential match against Cena on the cards, one has to wonder if Cena will win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship from AJ Styles, then go on to face ‘Taker for the title at Wrestlemania. However on the other hand a non-title match between the two would be equally billed, in terms of importance.


One Final Royal Rumble?

It has been speculated that Wrestlemania 33 is the final curtain call for Mark Calaway. One has to assume that this is his final Royal Rumble appearance. Now aged 51, it is seemingly a matter of time before The Deadman hangs up his hat and coat. Furthermore it would be a fitting sentiment to have ‘Taker enter one final Rumble match, regardless on whether he wins or not.


Essentially Undertaker’s scheduled appearance at the Royal Rumble is a no-brainer. Competing in his home state of Texas, there is no doubt ‘Taker shall receive a roaring reception. Also one has to consider the implications he could have in the run-up to Wrestlemania. If recent speculation is true then we are guaranteed to see ‘Taker VS Cena. Furthermore if Cena does win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship prior to the Rumble match, it could be a very intriguing night.