Short Film Review – All Men May Cry (2016)

Short Film Review – All Men May Cry (2016)

All Men May Cry is a heart-pounding apocalyptic short film about a homosexual couple fighting to survive in the new world after the rise of Power after Donald Trump’s presidential rain.

This was a brilliant, emotional and chilling watch. I feel this is a new and unique vision for the genre and I am so honoured to have gotten to see this film. Not only being a fan of horror films but I am also a Gay man myself so this film has many favourable assets.

As I said I feel this film was unique and was gripping from beginning to end. The story itself was powerful. It was not just about the world itself and the world downfall but it was about the story of these two lovers who are struggling with their pasts while trying to remain sane in this horrific and frightening world.

The film plays off the horror genre well but still manages to firmly fit into the LGBT film genre. This is something I really respected about the film.

I would recommend seeing All Men May Cry as it is one that I feel has a lot of meaning and messages about the world in its current state.Not that we are anywhere near this point but it raises a lot of questions regarding where the world could end up. It’s a frightening and realistic film and I loved every second of it.

Gripping, raw and fearless!

| Ross Wilcock

LGBT, Drama | USA, 2016 | Dir.Johnny Chang | Amir Malaklou, Daniyar

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