Short Film Review – Commune

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Commune is a 2016 Horror short film following the story of a man who moves into a rundown London apartment building which was built in 1930. There he begins experiencing very strange happenings.

This festival pleaser is a nail-biting suspense driven horror short. From beginning to end the film is gripping and intriguing. It has so much going for it, from the creepy atmosphere brought around by the film’s setting to the chilling score.

The film has everything horror fans would want and the film is truly chilling in every way.

Something that the film got very on point was the atmosphere. I feel the atmosphere was pretty eerie form the get go. As soon as you see the house covered in belongings from, we’re assuming are past residents of the house, we immediately get a sense of dread. Not many horror films these days get that menacing feel right from the start.

I just think this film is wonderful. It is one I would for sure love to see get feature film adaption one day as I fee the would be room for it in the genre. The fact that a film running about 16 minutes can be so eerie proves how utterly chilling a feature version of the film wild is.

There was time steam I had to hold my breath because I didn’t want to miss a single sound. I was pretty scared watching this film I will not lie and That for me is dinner right there.

Commune is a wonderful and spine-chilling horror short. All involved should feel very proud of themselves they have taken a genre that ahs been done to death and managed to make a truly frightening film.

[rating=5] | Ross Wilcock

Horror | UK, 2016 | Short | Dir.Thomas Perrett | Robin King, Tom Weller