Why Scandinavians are dominating our screens

Why Scandinavians are dominating our screens

If you’re a movie, television or even online gaming fan, you can’t have helped noticing how many of the most popular titles have started to have a particular Scandinavian twist.

With everything from Nordic noir TV series, to blood-soaked medieval adventures, and even mobile games bearing all the hallmarks of those northerly nations, it shows how we could be experiencing a second Viking invasion.
Although countries like Sweden have a long-established cinematic tradition thanks to the likes of visionary directors like Ingmar Bergman, it’s only in recent years that the Scandinavian countries have started infiltrating mainstream culture.

And what’s interesting about many of these Nordic exports is how dark and gloomy they are. The sunlight-starved nations have given us plenty of bleakly beautiful movies like 2008’s vampire hit Let The Right One In, and Jo Nesbø’s Headhunters showed that Norwegians can balance violence and humour to great effect.

But it’s on our TV screens that we’re experiencing a real Scandinavian invasion. The hugely popular Vikings television series has just started its fifth season of hirsute conquest. This has gained acclaim thanks to its widescreen portrayal of the Norse hero Ragnar Lothbrok who provides a much more fascinating character than many of our more anodyne modern-day equivalents.

And the equally impressive The Last Kingdom shows how enamoured we are with these pillaging Scandinavian tribes which has surely served as inspiration for EliteMobileCasino and their suitably battle-worn Nordic Heroes mobile slots game.

However, it’s probably thanks to the vibrant Nordic noir scene that the Scandinavian nations are enjoying a real cultural boom. Although many of the more popular titles like Wallander may have started as cult crime novels, it wasn’t until wonderfully gloomy series like The Killing, The Bridge and Wallander started appearing on streaming services like Netflix that things really took off.

Although there have been expensive American remakes of movies like The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and the hugely influential The Killing TV show, they somehow managed to miss the underlying tension that permeates the original Scandinavian versions.

However, it’s not all furrowed brows in these Nordic noir hits as the main characters of The Bridge manage to deliver a subtle sense of humour in their crime-solving escapades. And a quick look at Troll Hunter shows that there’s plenty more Scandinavian weirdness for the likes of Elite Mobile and Netflix to discover!

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