Kurt Angle To Be Inducted Into WWE Hall of Fame

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WWE officially announced the induction of Kurt Angle into the WWE Hall Of Fame. The news broke via WWE’s official Twitter account, prior to Monday Night RAW. Then during the show a video package confirmed Angle’s Hall of Fame induction. This all but confirms the Olympic Gold Medalist’s return to WWE. Kurt Angle is to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2017 on April 1st.

Kurt Angle Is Coming Home

After a decade away from WWE, Kurt Angle is finally coming home. Upon departing the company in 2006, Angle has remained a household name for wrestling fans. Now aged 48, Angle shall return to the company for the most prestigious honor in professional wrestling; A place in the WWE Hall Of Fame.

During his seven year tenure with WWE, Kurt Angle became a Six-time world champion. In addition to winning the King of The Ring, as well as holding the European Champion, Intercontinental Champion and United States Champion.

One Final WWE Match?

At this point all fans know is that Kurt Angle will be present during Wrestlemania weekend. Also meaning he shall likely, if not definitely be seen during the Wrestlemania 33 show in Orlando. So with this in mind fans shall wonder; Is the potential for one final match possible? Could Angle be both inducted into the Hall Of Fame and wrestle in the same weekend? Fans shall be as hopeful as ever if they want this to be a reality.

Now aged 48, it seems that professional wrestling’s only Olympic Gold Medalist does not have a lot of time left. While it saddens fans to admit it, one has to consider Angle’s health. This is due to the nagging pains from multiple neck surgeries, therefore no one wants to see one of the best go out in a cold way. So please WWE, please can Kurt Angle have one more match?

One of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time is coming home. After creating one of the most decorated careers in sports entertainment, Kurt Angle is finally coming home to a hero’s welcome. Oh it’s true, it’s damn true.