Kenny Omega Teases Royal Rumble Appearance

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While Kenny Omega is currently on a hiatus from Wrestling, he most certainly has not gone quiet. Since his six-star bout against Okada at Wrestle Kingdom 11, The Cleaner has been linked to signing with WWE. At first it seemed far fetched, however at this point nothing seems unlikely.

The Cleaner Teases WWE Universe

Speculation of Kenny Omega signing for WWE has been rife. So much so that perhaps fans are being taken for a ride. Omega loves to work, as he does it wonderfully. However as weeks go by and the Royal Rumble draws closer, signs are looking almost too promising.

An active user of Instagram with the username ‘grinningmasque’ posted a picture of an Autograph provided by Kenny Omega. Above Omega’s autograph is “#30”. At this point the Royal Rumble is six days away. Numbers mean a lot in WWE this time of year.

Omega’s Contract Expiry

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling News Observer, reported that Kenny Omega’s New Japan contract does not expire until January 31st. Which is exactly two days removed from the Royal Rumble. While many refer to this fact as a rumor killer, one cannot be so assertive WWE haven’t worked some magic. Furthermore an agreement between New Japan and WWE would not be impossible, to some extent.

Royal Rumble To Serve Another Swerve?

Last year AJ Styles made his debut in the Royal Rumble Match. Could this year be the coming of Kenny Omega? Will the cleaner arrive and shock the WWE Universe? As rumors shall intensify, we shall await Sunday, for the Royal Rumble.

So with this in mind all rumors at this point, should be taken with a grain of salt. No matter how appealing they seem, the Royal Rumble Match is the element of surprise.