Film Review – Hunters Lodge

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Hunters Lodge is a 2016 psychological thriller about a war veteran who visits a remote island lodge for a funeral and discovers many terrifying and haunting things.

Martyn tott’s Directorial debut feature film is one not to miss full of suspense and threat this film is everything I wanted and more.

It was very good for a low budget thriller, no for a film, in general, this was fantastic. I think this is a massive achievement for Tott as a directorial debut it is wonderful and professional.

The atmosphere is killer in this film and really highlights the secludedness of the carbon.

Pretty much from the get-go, we know something bad is going to go down and I liked that I liked having a tense atmosphere from the beginning as it sets up the entire film.

The acting was very good and that I no surprise. I think this is a wonderful and gripping film which has a lot going for it. It seems very well crafted for just a debut and totally highlights the skills of Tott and the entire crew.

I have actually been loving indie thrillers and horrors a lot more than the mainstream stuff. I feel that a lot of care and time went into making this film and it really shows.

It’s a well done and well thought out film that I know will find its audience. Hunters Lodge is a great film everyone involved should feel great with this amazing film!!

[rating=4] | Ross Wilcock

Thriller | USA, 2016 | 15 | Out now | Rent Vimeo | Dir.Martyn Tott | Janis Ahern, Tim Ahern, Kim Driver