DVD Review – Urban Hymn (2016)

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Bulldog Film Distribution presents this outstanding and brilliant Brittish Crime Drama on DVD January 30th, 2017.

Urban Hymn is a stunning and emotional British Crime Drama. Taking place in London with the backdrop of the 2011 London Riots. Kate (Shirley Henderson), a social worker, working in a London Children’s home discovers one of the residents has a love of music and tries to encourage her to pursue her musical dream. However, the girls wild and outrageous best friend Leanne is not willing to let Jamie take this new journey and is determined to keep things the way they are, at any cost.

This was an emotionally heavy film. I want to start by saying that because I was not expecting it at all. For that, I am actually very grateful. I loved everything about the film and I honestly don’t have anything I can really say bad about it.

It runs for about an hour an 50 something minutes and that is a great length for what story this film is trying to tell us.

It is hard hitting and sometimes tough to watch with a lot of drama and emotion dripping throughout it.

So much happens in this film and there was so much back story with the characters, that at one point in the middle I was a little concerned that we wouldn’t get a resolution considering the length of the film. But thankfully we do find out more about the characters pasts.

I think something that worked so well in this film that even the characters we are meant to hate, you do have some compassion for them. Mainly in the form of Leanne who is struggling in life, and even though by the end of the film you hate her so much, there is still something about her character that you want just everything to go well for her.

That is the genius of this film. There is no black or white character everyone is a clear shade of grey and I loved that aspect of the film.

Overall I thought Urban Hymn was wonderful and emotional I was invested the entire run time and I even cried at the end. I think this is a film that will definitely make its mark on the British film scene.

I love love love this film and I can not wait to see where this film goes.

[rating=5] | Ross Wilcock

Drama | UK, 2016 | 15 | 30th Janaury 2017 (UK)| Bulldog Film Distribution | Dir.Michael Caton-Jones | Shirley Henderson, Steven Mackintosh, Ian Hart, Letitia Wright | Buy:Urban Hymn [DVD]