DVD Review – Let’s Be Evil (2016)

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Signature Entertainment and Vertigo Releasing presents this our of this world Sci-Fi epic. Let’s be  Evil to follow Jenny and to other students who take on an opportunity to join a secret facility and learn about an alternate reality. Meanwhile, the lives they once knew, might not be there when they get back, or is the world they have entered reality?

I was so excited to get the chance to see this film. From the Trailer alone the film looks so outrageously awesome. The Synth score and the bright colour eliminate and give the film a retro, yet modern feel.
It is honestly so refreshing to see a film that takes you beyond regular teen movie tropes. I like the feel and the vibe of this film. At the same time not really entirely sure what was actually going on.

The score was very similar (in a good way) of the score from the amazing It Follows and really suited the feel and tone of the film.

I really liked how the film uses modern technology and the speed of its advancement and using people of the current generation in unfolding this cool story. It is really cool to see a film touching on so many fears of many people that one day we will rely completely on technology. I think that is where the film does it right!

The colours in the film highlight the screen and make it very otherworldly and just so cool. It’s nice to see a budget go into making a film so nice and crisp and taking every bit of details into account.

In seeing other reviews of the film I think a lot of fo people were pretty confused about what the film was actually about, in many ways I am as well but in other ways I think that was the film makers intention was to challenge the audience and to get everyone a unique ideas and interpretation of the film’s themes. For me, the film was essentially about teachers in their 20s or teens who were there for the development of technology, media and the rise in technical support. And they are given the chance in a way to help develop the next generation on how to live with new technology to one day rely on it for everything.

This is just thoughts for me on what the film is about and as I said from what I have seen in other reviews the film has struck a lot of confusion in many people. I pride the film for that.

There were certainly moments of threat in the film that stood out for me and made the film pretty awesome!

Overall Let’s Be Evil is a great film and I am s pleased that the film is getting a DVD release here in the UK and I respect signature so much for what they are doing and what films they choose to release.

[rating=4] | Ross Wilcock

Sci-fi, Horror | UK, 2016 | 15 | 30th January 2017 (UK) | Vertigo Films| Dir.Martin Owen | Kara Tointon, Isabelle Allen, Jamie Bernadette | Buy:Let’s Be Evil [DVD]