WWE TLC 2016 Preview


This Sunday WWE TLC 2016 takes place. Emulating live from the American Air Lines Arena in Dallas, Texas. TLC shall be a PPV exclusive for Smackdown Live! Here is a preview for WWE TLC 2016.

AJ Styles VS Dean Ambrose: Tables, Ladders & Chairs match for the WWE World Champion
This year has been nothing short of “Phenomenal” for AJ Styles debut year in the WWE. A string of world-class matches and current World Title reign, Styles has captivated the WWE Universe. On the other hand Dean Ambrose has proven he can top the card in the company. The two have engaged in a strong feud which has created some great matches and segments between the two. In addition to this it is only fitting the two culminate their feud in a TLC Match, as the match shall suit both superstars. Whether it is the high-flying authenticity of Styles or the ruthless aggression from Ambrose; This has all the elements to be a fantastic match. Ultimately I shall be expecting AJ Styles to retain and continue his run with the world title.

Prediction: AJ Styles to Def. Dean Ambrose and Retain WWE World Champion

Becky Lynch VS Alexa Bliss: Tables Match for the WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion
For the first time in WWE History a Women’s bout shall be competed in a Tables match. Since the WWE Brand Split Smackdown has been the better show, across all divisions. Specifically I believe Smackdown have proved stronger and more versatile in the Women’s division. Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss have created such an enticing feud in recent months, thus settling the feud in a Table’s match is perfect. Becky’s run as champions has been solid but not many would have qualms over Alexa Bliss leaving WWE TLC as the new Smackdown Live! Women’s Champion. Overall I believe that Bliss’ time is now.

Prediction: Alexa Bliss to Def. Becky Lynch and become WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion

Dolph Ziggler VS The Miz: Ladder Match for the WWE Intercontinental Champion
2016 has been the peak of The Miz’s career. Two Intercontinental title reigns and a showcase of brilliant in-ring work, the former WWE Champion should be considered one of the most underrated workers in the company. On the other hand Dolph Ziggler has continued to prove he can still go, regardless of his position on the card. Despite a lackluster feud with then World Champion Dean Ambrose, Ziggler has adapted to working with The Miz superbly. If their bout at WWE Backlash in September is anything to go on, we could be in for a treat. The Ladder match is often a gateway for innovation and we could see something special at WWE TLC. I believe that The Miz should go into 2017 as I.C champion thus a I am going with a victory for The Miz.

Prediction: The Miz to Def. Dolph Ziggler and Retain WWE Intercontinental Champion

Nikki Bella VS Carmella: No Disqualification Match
This bout is another example on just how versatile Smackdown’s Women’s division is. Having a separate feud from the division’s title is great and Carmella and Nikki Bella have nailed it! Carmella turning heel has paid off, as she has vastly improved her mic and in-ring skills. Cutting one of the most brutal promos in 2016 this past week on Smackdown pinpoints her capability as a top heel in the Women’s division. Also Nikki Bella leaving Carmella with a black-eye for good measure has added fuel to the fire. I believe that having Carmella win would be perfect, as it would establish her in the division on Smackdown. Furthermore I am generally expecting a brutal contest between the two, something to potentially relish on the night.

Prediction: Carmella to Def. Nikki Bella

Kalisto VS Baron Corbin: Chairs Match
Since the Brand Split it would appear WWE are grooming Baron Corbin for success. Most noteworthy of all is the progress that Corbin has made in the last six months, which he deserves full credit for. In contrast I cannot imagine Kalisto to be at the top of the company’s plans for the foreseeable future. Essentially I see this bout as nothing more than to close this feud. In addition to elevating Corbin heading into 2017.

Prediction: Baron Corbin to Def. Kalisto

Heath Slater & Rhyno VS The Wyatt Family (Bray Wyatt & Randy Orton) for the WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champions
The Tag Team division on Smackdown is yet another reason why Smackdown has been stronger than Raw. The unusual team of Heath Slater and Rhyno has paid dividends for the brand, as they have got over with the fans. However despite their popularity, The Wyatt family are long overdue the Tag Titles. Initially I was skeptical when Randy Orton aligned himself with the Wyatt’s but now I believe it can be something to prosper. So with this in mind I hope to see the Wyatt’s capture their first title’s in the WWE.

Prediction: The Wyatt family to Def. Heath Slater & Rhyno and become WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champions

Aaron Patel