WWE Roadblock 2016 Preview

This Sunday WWE Roadblock takes place. Emulating live from the PPG Paints Arena, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This PPV is exclusive for the RAW brand. It is also the final WWE PPV of 2016. Here is the a preview for WWE Roadblock 2016.

Kevin Owens VS Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship

It is unfortunate that the assumed main event of the card feels like nothing more than a filler match. Kevin Owens has had a smashing 2016, as his work this year graduated a strong 2015. However his current reign as WWE Universal Champion feels so underwhelmed. On the other hand Roman Reigns who is current WWE United States Champion is being booked incorrectly, in my opinion. Barring the fact that Reigns got suspended this year I believe that WWE should be booking him in line with the US Title. Due to the fact he fought Rusev in a long and dragged feud to win the title and then doesn’t even defend it, completely disregards Reigns’ booking. Overall I do not expect a title change to occur from this bout.

Prediction: Kevin Owens To Defeat Roman Reigns & Retain the WWE Universal Championship

Seth Rollins VS Chris Jericho

Coinciding with Kevin Owens VS Roman Reigns, this bout could be very intriguing. Seth Rollins is one of the best performers in the WWE today, on the other hand Chris Jericho has had a killer 2016. Therefore putting the two together on the card at this point is destined for pure magic. While the cracks between Jeri-KO have been showing, Rollins has rekindled his alliance with Roman Reigns. Generally I am expecting a potential for match of the night between these two superstars as it has all the credentials to pull it off. In addition to this I believe that the outcome of this bout shall have implications for booking the Royal Rumble, especially for Seth Rollins………..

Prediction: Seth Rollins To Defeat Chris Jericho

Sasha Banks VS Charlotte: 30 Minute Iron-Man Match for the WWE Raw Women’s Championship

Surely this is the culmination of the feud, right? Essentially this feud was to usher in a “New Era” of Women’s Wrestling. The feud itself has not been too bad as it has created some great matches, the downside was the length of the feud and implications of booking. This is due to the two Women hot-potatoing the title back and forth, it became really boring and inevitable. One has to assume that this is finally the last bout of the feud, it has to be! RAW need to utilize Bayley and the rest of their Women’s Division, especially if they want to compete with Smackdown. Despite majority of fans going for a Charlotte win due to her winning PPV bouts, I shall be siding with Sasha Banks to retain and finally establish a title reign.

Prediction: Sasha Banks To Defeat Charlotte & Retain the WWE Raw Women’s Championship

Rich Swann VS TJ Perkins VS Brian Kendrick: Triple Threat Match for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship

The return of the Crusierweight Division to the WWE has not gone to plan. Despite a great Cruiserweight Classic Tournament in the summer, the hype has essentially fallen flat on its face for the division. I personally believe that the booking for the division has been questionable, most noteworthy its concept as a whole. First of all the division was announced exclusive to Monday Night RAW, so why did WWE feel the need to create 205 Live after airing Smackdown Live! on a Tuesday night? If anything the division shall need to scrap its own entity, for example; Get rid of the Purple ropes and make the most of 205 Live. As for the Cruiserweight bout on the Roadblock card, I do not expect the title to change hands.

Prediction: Rich Swann To Defeat TJ Perkins & Brian Kendrick to Retain the WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Braun Strowman VS Sami Zayn: Singles Match with a 10 Minute Time-Limit

In recent weeks Sami Zayn’s push has seemed ever more imminent. Playing the role of the underdog with RAW commissioner Mick Foley, Zayn begged for this match with Braun Strowman. While this bout may seem more of a David VS Goliath cliche feud I believe that this works for Zayn, especially if he wins. At this point we shouldn’t be expecting Zayn to win the Royal Rumble or anything drastic, however it seems as if the company shall book him as a reincarnation of Daniel Bryan. On recent evidence in previous weeks on Raw, I am confident Sami Zayn shall finally defeat Braun Strowman.

Prediction: Sami Zayn To Defeat Braun Strowman

The New Day VS Sheamus & Cesaro for the WWE Raw Tag Team Championships

The New Day are officially the longest reigning WWE Tag Team Champions of all time. The trio have thoroughly deserved this accolade as they have truly been the pinnacle of entertaining. The trio have cemented their names in company history. As New Day only just broke the record I don’t seem them losing the Tag Titles at Roadblock. On the contrary Sheamus & Cesaro may potentially take the titles off the New Day at the Royal Rumble, just not at WWE Roadblock.

Prediction: New Day To Defeat Sheamus & Cesaro to Retain the WWE Raw Tag Team Championships

(Pre-Show) Big Cass VS Rusev

It is great to see Big Cass have some time in the spotlight, no offense to Enzo Amore! However it is refreshing to see Cass compete in a singles bout and against a worthy opponent in Rusev. Between both Big Cass & Enzo Amore, I have always felt as if Big Cass would receive a greater singles push in the future. But at this point I am speaking far too soon as the duo have not won WWE Tag Team gold yet. Hopefully 2017 brings a first WWE Tag Team title reign for everyone’s favorite New Jersey boys! On the night at Roablock I have Big Cass gaining a win over Rusev as a measure of revenge for Enzo Amore.

Prediction: Big Cass To Defeat Rusev

Aaron Patel

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