Wrestling Fans Christmas Gift Guide- WWE 2K17

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We all have that one friend or relative we don’t know what to buy for Christmas. If you can relate then think deeper! Are they into Gaming? Do they possess a love for wrestling? If the answers to both are yes, then you need to consider WWE 2K17.

WWE 2K17 is the latest installment in the 2k Wrestling series and is a must have for pro wrestling fans who share a love for gaming. Because what wrestling fan hasn’t ever fantasized about stepping in a WWE ring? Here are some of the features of WWE 2K17, hopefully you’ll consider adding it to your Christmas list!

WWE 2K17 Features

Possessing the most up to date WWE roster with over 100 playable superstars, you can control the squared circle! Play as any WWE Superstar from Raw, Smackdown or NXT to create your dream bouts. In addition to this there are over 40 unlockable WWE Legends to choose from. Are you gutted we probably won’t see Sting VS The Undertaker? Well take it to the ring in WWE 2K17. Also players are able to access superstars if they purchase the WWE 2K17 Season pass, which I shall get to soon!


Ever dreamed of living the life of a WWE Superstar? In WWE 2K17 MyCareer allows you to do exactly that. Create your very own superstar and head for the mecca of Professional Wrestling, starting out in NXT and working towards Hall of Fame status. In addition to creating your ideal wrestling persona, players can choose to be a Face or Heel. Players shall also Compete in ranks for each title in the company. Believe you could be the face that runs the place? MyCareer is your mode to prove it!

Universe Mode

We often sit and constantly slander WWE Creative more than we admit it. However Universe Mode allows you to become creative! Wrestling fans often dream of booking their own shows and storylines, so this is the ideal game mode for every fan out there. Have you ever wanted to book Raw or Smackdown? Even take the reigns of NXT? Well Universe mode allows you to take control of the entire product, create your very own instilled vision of the future for World Wrestling Entertainment.

Match Types

WWE 2K17 Includes well over 40 different match types for any bout. Singles Matches, Tag Team Matches, Triple Threat Matches the list goes on! In addition to these modes, 2K17 has brought back the popular Backstage Brawl. Not every wrestling match makes it to the ring and in WWE 2K17 you can take the fight to the back. Because who doesn’t want to explore the backstage area of a WWE arena? Use the backstage environment to your advantage and brutally take care of the competition.

Creation Suite

Create anything from Superstars, Championships, Entrances, Move-sets and Arenas in the creation Suite.  Create your favorite superstars from outside WWE and bring them into your very own Universe Mode, Create your very own Championship for the company, Invent your own entrance, Innovate a created move-set and build your dream wrestling arena. All with the WWE 2K17 Creation Suite.

DLC & Season Pass

Maybe you want more from the WWE experience? If so then there is always DLC! The WWE 2K17 DLC entitles players to extra content, adding to the overall immersive experience. Here are some the current DLC Packs available:

  • Accelerator Pack
  • Future Stars Pack- Includes Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows, Tye Dillinger, Austin Aeries & Mojo Rawley.
  • Hall of Fame Showcase- Seven playable showcases.
  • Legends Pack- Includes Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake, Eddie Guerrero, Greg “The Hammer” Valentine, Sycho Sid and Tatanka
  • NXT Enhancement Pack (PS4 & Xbox One)- Includes Apollo Crews, Nia Jax and Shinsuke Nakamura. And many more to be released!

*Some of the listed features above feature in the Season Pass. 

Retail Price

WWE 2K17 is available for PS4, Xbox One, PS3 & Xbox 360. In addition to this the season pass is available for Next Gen consoles only.

WWE 2K17- PS4 & Xbox One: £34.99, PS3 & Xbox 360: £22.99 (GAME)

WWE 2K17 Season Pass- PS4 & Xbox One: £24.99 (GAME)