The Sleepy Skunk Delivers His 2016 Movie Mash-Up

4 days time it will be Christmas but it’s also nearly time to say farewell to 2016 as we’re only 10 days from 2017. We adore our retrospectives for the year especially those trailer mashups and there’s one we really look forward too and that’s The Sleepy Skunk. He never disappoints and today Sleepy Skunk aka Louis Plamondon has personally sent us the link to his 2016 Movie Trailer up. As ever a time to reflect, admire, revigorate those forgotten memories, many great, but also many we would like to forget about too.

The retrospective is 6 minutes of pure pleasure that certain entices our anticipations and hopes that 2017 will be an even better year. The question marks are still out if this year was any better than 2015, personally, there was a lot more let downs than great or terrible movies. As ever each year we leave that choice to yo, as we believe everyone to their own.

What we do get here is a mega 281 movies all compiled in this 6-minute feature and Sleepy Skunk himself did say it was his most challenging year to date. It’s not just about clipping any old scene, you’ve got to take the time to get the right scene and have the music to support it. Something he does very well, we all know movies and music go hand in hand setting up the perfect memorable scenes.

All the movies we expected to be there are there. From the likes of Captain America: Civil War, Suicide Squad, High-Rise, 10 Cloverfield Lane. There is a few in here that are about to be released or sometime in 2017, and as ever he gives a platform for those smaller independent movies too!

If you like to see the full list and breakdown of all the movies in this video, head over to Sleepy Skunk Tumblr Page.