Original Ghost In The Shell Receives New Trailer

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Before the live-action version of Masamune Shirow‘s  Ghost In The Shell, starring Scarlett Johansson hits the UK cinemas next March we will get a chance to experience the original. For one night only the original 1995 cyberpunk anime masterpiece directed by Mamoru Oshii will be returning to UK cinemas for one night only.

Back in October Manga UK announced the news of the classic anime was coming back for one night in January and today we get a new trailer to promote that upcoming night. Check out the newly re-cut trailer courtesy of Manga UK

The year is 2029, the world is made borderless by the net; augmented humans who live in virtual environments. Watched over by law enforcement agents that are able to download themselves into super-powered, crime-busting mecha. The ultimate secret agent of the future is not human, has no physical body and can travel freely through the information highways of the world. Hacking and manipulating whatever, whomever and whenever required…

When it comes some of the greatest movies ever, there is very few animes or animations that make those lists. Ghost In The Shell is one of those very few animated movies that have the privilege of making Greatest movies ever lists. The cyber hacking of the human brain-inspired The Wachowski’s to create The Matrix. On 25th January 2017 you can enjoy the thrill of The Ghost In The Shell yourself.

If you missed the official trailer launch last month for Rupert Sanders live action version, you can watch that trailer here.

Showing in over 100 screens across the UK & Ireland. Find the full list of participating screens, show times and book tickets here!